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Jun 26 2010
There haven't been a lot of updates on the site itself recently. These days, most of the action is happening on my blog.

Feb 6 2008
Website makeover! Finally, rune|vision has gotten a completely new design. The six years old dark and blue angled design has been replaced with a bright smooth lime and orange design, aimed to make it look more professional, and the content has been revised as well. Hope you like it! I've also uploaded my 3D image series Metal & Flowers, which is my most ambitious artwork yet, and an exercise in playful ironic contrasts, both visually and thematically.

Dec 22 2007
Our Team 3 game production FLIPSIDE is a 2008 Independent Games Festival Student Showcase Winner! It's a huge honor, and I and two other guys from Team 3 are going to San Francisco by February to show off our game at the Game Developers Conference, attend the IGF Awards Ceremony, and talk with people in the business. :D

Jun 30 2007
The platform game FLIPSIDE features the split-pesonality mental institution patient Hannibal on the run, as he imagines his own escape in a cardboard cut-out world with two sides. As his mood changes between extremes, the world reflects it and flips between a happy, fluffy world with bunnies and bumble bees, and a gloomy, hostile world with evil nurses and killer wasps.

Apr 24 2007
ClashBall Championship is a frenzied rough-and-tumble ball game set in the future with two teams of robots battling each other to score the most goals. Tackle your opponents when they're close or throw heavy boxes at them to watch them fly though the air. Play with your AI-controlled team players against the computer or play against a friend in the split-screen mode.

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