Rune Skovbo Johansen
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This animation gallery contains a few real, finished animations, but mostly it contains a lot of technical and visual animation experiments.

Except where otherwise noted, I make all my animations with the free raytracer POV-Ray. The newest animations are at the top. To download the animations, right-click on the small images and choose "save target as" or "save link as" or similar from the pop-up menu. Because most of the works presented on this page are incomplete and non-polished I have only provided source code for selected animations.


Feb 03 2007

I've finished my first real animation with 3ds Max, after having used the program for a few months. The animation was for a class at the university, and it took me one week to make where I worked on it practically all the time. It's a 40 seconds long visualization of a robot pet called ArachnoBot, and the form of the animation is supposed to resemble a commercial for the fictional robot pet. As such, it's the second animation I've made that has some sort of "story line", or at least is more than a mere technical experiment.

The sound bit if from the track "Technologic" by Daft Punk on their album "Human After All".

The Funny UFO Animation

Oct 10 2004

"The Funny UFO Animation" aka "3D Sound Test" aka "Rune's first animation that actually has a story line".

More information will be available later.

Through The Wormhole Portal

Aug 3 2004

In March 2002 I was tinkering with a cool wormhole portal effect that I planned to use in some great animation I'd supposedly be making (with a storyline and everything). But somehow it never happened. Well, recently I got reminded of it, and I decided to make a few adjustments and then post an animation showcasing the effect, since it is pretty cool after all - storyline or not.

A wormhole is often explained with a diagram showing two parallel planes that are blobbed together. I tried to envision in what way light rays passing through the wormhole would be bended, and it occurred to me that the effect would be somewhat similar to a reflective sphere, only that it reflected the other world instead of the one you're in, and then there would also be some distortion at the rim, which, for technical reasons, I could unfortunately only use in the wormhole opening part of the animation. Enough talk, now have a nice journey!

Hologram Projector

Mar 9 2004

I bought a hologram projector recently. So far I have only loaded into it a simple model of the earth (which is in the default package), but once I get to know better the software that came with it, I might load some of my own 3d models into it. :)

I filmed it with my digital camera. Unfortunately the quality is very poor, but you get the idea...

Where can I get one, and what does it cost?

The Tentacle Dance

Mar 7 2004

I originally created this animation back in February 2003, but never got it up on my website. I'm quite fond of it though, so here in March 2004 I decided to improve it and then put it up online. I have now made the movement more interesting and added a visual overlay-effect and the animation is also twice and long as the first version.

Viewing recommendations: Wait till it's night, turn off all lights around you, turn up the volume and view the animation in fullscreen... :)

Tunnel Ride

Sep 28 2003

It started when I was bored and just thought I'd make a tunnel animation with a minimum amount of work. I didn't want to model anything (as usual) so instead I created everything through scripting. Every twist and turn in the tunnel are randomly generated. I added glows (at random positions) and rails, then crystals at the glows, made the camera shake, created a couple of mine carts, and there you go... This animation is also loopable, so you can watch it for a looong time, preferably in fullscreen mode...

If you want to render the source code it requires MegaPov.

Infinite Menger Sponge

Sep 23 2003

A variation of the Menger Sponge. (What is a menger sponge? See images of classic menger sponges on Google.) In this version the iteration level is not fixed, but stops at random levels. But more interestingly, this menger sponge is infinite! That's what the animation shows - it just keeps zooming in. (Remember to make your player loop!)

Particle System Animations

Oct 19 2002
Particle System Animations Note:
Practically all my particle system animations have moved to a new page dedicated to my particle system.

Go to Rune's Particle System page.

Particle System: Blow-up

May 25 2002

I have used my particle system to create an explosion. In this animation I used a photo of a real building and added the explosion effect on top of that using my illusion include file to do the mapping. I made the camera shaky to make it seem more like a real video clip shot from a helicopter or similar. Besides the fire, smoke and dust I also added debris, which is also made with the particle system. I also used two images, where the one after the explosion shows some damage and soothing on the building, though it's not very visible.

All in all, I'm satisfied with the level of realism. My particle system is just not advanced enough to do hyper-realitic simulations, and keeping that in mind, I think this animation works well.


Apr 14 2002

Just a little test with water I made. It has nothing to do with my particle system, but is based on a technique described on Hugo Elias' page here, though with some additional features I implemented.

The test is coded in POV-Ray, but I never finished the code and thus never released it. In the mean time, Tim Nikias has released a system for POV-Ray that does the same thing. You can get it here:

Lip Synch System

Jan 20 2002

The demo animation for my Lip Synch System. Read more about it on my Include Files page.

Walking System: AL walks

Jan 1 2002

While further developing my walking system I'm testing it with my character Al the Alien. One of the things that have caused me great troubles is when the character starts and stops walking. It was difficult to make the system know when to switch to a passive state and when to switch back to walking state, but finally I think I've got it working ok. :)

By the way, as per a suggestion I got, AL is chewing a gum in this animation. ;)

Sorry, source code for my walking system is not available (even by request). See spider animation below for more information.

Walking System: Spider

Nov 5 2001

I'm currently working on a new project: An animation walking system! When fed with the right data, it can automatically make something walk along a specified path with no foot slippage at all, and the feet will also adapt to the terrain. My first real test of the system at its current early stage was making this spider crawl. It's not perfect, but I think it's a promising start.

See discussion of this animation at CG Talk.

Sorry, source code for my walking system is not available (even by request). But if you're interested in my walking system, you may want to have a look at these newsgroup discussions: Here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. (If it's the first time you visit the web-view of the POV-Ray newsgroups, then there's a welcome page you need to get past before you get to the discussions...)

Electric Sparks

Jun 24 2001

This animation is made from one of the four sample scenes that comes with my Electricity Include File. The three sparks have been given different settings for the movement. The include file can be found on my Include Files Page.

AL the Alien - Talking

Nov 25 2000

Here's an animation where AL talks! It should give you just a little insight in AL's personality. As you can see, he doesn't lack self-confidence...

I know the body motion looks a bit strange; that's because I'm only just starting learning character animation. But I think the lip synch worked great!

AL the Alien - Running

Oct 22 2000

Here's AL running! Making him run was in fact easier than making him walk, and funnier too.

This can still be improved (the way the feet impact on the ground should be different), but generally I'm pleased with the result.

AL the Alien - Walking

Oct 19 2000

Here's one of my projects, AL the Alien, a fully IK animatable character - of course made entirely in POV-Ray (as always).

At this stage AL is no where near finished, but I was dying to try out the IK animation system I had made, so I made this cyclic animation with AL walking. The arms still jerk a bit, and the movements could be improved.

MTV Animated Logo

Sep 20 2000

This animation was shown on MTV Europe September 25 2000. It was shown in the program "Top Selection".

If you want to render the source code it requires MegaPov and Chris Colefax's Object Exploder.


Sep 7 2000

I like fireworks. These were made using the glow feature in MegaPOV.

If you want to render the source code it requires MegaPov.

Morphing Abstract Surface

Jul 20 2000

I made a little piece of code that generates a surface of smooth triangles (later I added an edge made of cylinders and spheres). Nothing special, but with its colorful and special morphing shape it looks quite interesting I think. It makes me think of a screensaver…


Jun 6 2000

I made a POV-Ray game where people could write include files that would control bots in the game, and make them compete to push a ball in the other players' goals. The output was an animation where you see how the game went. Technically it worked, but the games always turned out too boring like you can see in this animation.

You can download the source code and set up your own matches and maybe even program your own bots. If you make an interesting match I'd like to hear about it! :)

Red Dragon Flying

Feb 27 1999

My red dragon, here flying. If you want to download the source code, have a look in the 3d gallery.