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If you need to contact me and get a reply from me, you should send me an email. Before asking me questions, please check the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you just want to say hi and drop a comment, but don't really need a reply from me, then you could alternatively write a comment in my guest book.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some questions I get asked quite often. Before asking me a question by mail, please check this FAQ.
  • What is Unity?
    Unity is an awesome development tool for making games (and other multimedia). There's so much good to say about it, but check it out yourself at

  • I have a problem with Unity. Can you help me?
    I'm afraid I don't have the resources to do personal Unity support. There are hundreds of thousands of people using Unity. If everyone sent support emails directly to the Unity developers, then - well, you do the math! Instead, use the Unity forums, or UnityAnswers. Then more people will see your question and if a solution is posted it will also benefit more people. That is just much more scalable.

  • But my problem with Unity is about the Locomotion System / Headlook Controller / something else you made!
    Well, what I wrote above still applies: Use the Unity forums, or UnityAnswers. There are many Unity users who are knowledgable about those things I made besides me. However, if you haven't gotten any useful replies within a few days, send me a private message on the Unity forums (my username is runevision) with a link to the forum thread or UnityAnswers question you posted, and I'll have a look.

  • What is POV-Ray?
    POV-Ray is the freeware raytracer that I use to create all my 3d images and animations. You can find more information, and also download the program from here:

  • I have a problem with POV-Ray. Can you help me?
    You'd be better off asking in one of the POV-Ray newgroups, where a whole community of users will be ready to help you. See: Even if it's a problem related to one of my POV-Ray include files or other ressources on my site, you'd be better off asking there. You see, it's so long since I made those things that I don't remember how they work anymore.

  • I have made some images/animations with POV-Ray. Can I send them to you?
    If you want comments and constructive critique, you'd be better off sending them to the relevant POV-Ray newsgroups (see, where there's a whole community of users who will see them, instead of just me. However, if one of my include files or other ressources on my site were used for the images/animations, then you're more than welcome to send them to me, because naturally I have a special interest in that. Alternatively you can also send them to the POV-Ray newsgroups and drop me a mail notifying me that you did so.

  • How do I make a stereogram?
    There are tutorials on my website for creating the depthmap and the tiled image. To combine them into a stereogram you need a special program for that. Check the links on my stereogram page.

  • Hey, can you make for me this cool image/animation/game/stuff that I'm thinking of - for free?
    Err, no.

  • How about for money?
    I have a fulltime job and I'm afraid I don't have the time for contract work at the moment.


You can contact me by email at

Please read the FAQ before asking me questions. Also please make it clear what you are writing about. There are a lot of images, animations, games and other things at this website, so if you don't tell me what specifically you are writing about, I won't have any way of knowing.