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My CV is available in English and Danish. See below.

A PDF version can also be obtained in English and Danish.

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CV for Rune Skovbo Johansen

Personal Details and Profile:



Date of Birth: 
Rune Skovbo Johansen

Aaboulevard 34B
2200  Copenhagen N

10 May 1983



+45 2874 4992


My dedication, initiative and creativity in the domain of multimedia is evident through my six years of work experience with freelance web development and several computer games and other applications developed professionally, in my education, and as a hobby. With an interest in programming and interaction since age fifteen and an education geared towards multimedia and games programming, I will be a valuable asset in development teams dedicated to creating truly original products that stand out from the crowd.

Qualifications and Skills:

System Development

My theoretical knowledge about system development is primarily from my education in information studies and multimedia, while I have gained insight and experience with ongoing practical system development through my freelance work for the companies GP Covers and GfK Denmark. In particular I feel strongly about developing systems that do not only comply with requirements specifications but work to empower users within the context where the systems are used. Areas that I have insight in include:

  •  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA/D)
    • - Design, communication and documentation with UML diagrams
    • - Design patterns for internal communication and ensuring flexible system architecture
  •  • Unified Process
    • - Worked under the paradigm of risk-based iterative development
    • - Experience with business modelling, requirements, design, implementation and test
    • - Establishing domain and design models
    • - Working out use cases, visions and glossaries
  •  • Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
    • - Experience with conducting user tests with mock-ups and prototypes
    • - Testing based on cognitive walkthroughs, think aloud tests and focus shift analysis
    • - Knowledge of UI-paradigms such as direct manipulation, augmented reality etc.
Programming and Scripting

Through five years of work experience, theoretical knowledge from courses in computer science, information studies and multimedia and the development of several different applications, I have gained a solid understanding of programming as well as experience with several programming languages and technologies:

  •  • Experience with game engines: Unity, OGRE rendering engine, Valve's Source engine
  •  • 3D programming with OpenGL, GLUT, VR Juggler and POV-Ray
  •  • Growing experience with C++, C# and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  •  • Modelling, texturing, lighting and animation with POV-Ray and 3ds Max
  •  • Java applications and applets
  •  • ASP/VBScript, PHP and JavaScript
  •  • SQL/Microsoft Access
  •  • Macromedia Director/Lingo and Flash
  •  • Borland Delphi
Special Skills

With a great interest in all the facets of multimedia, going all the way back to age 15, I have developed proficiencies and intuitive understanding that cannot be acquired from any book:

  •  • Through experience with developing programs and games from concept to implementation on my own as well as in small and large teams, I have aquired:
    • - Overview and insight to crystallize abstract and fluid concepts into concrete designs
    • - Good cross-discipline communication skills
    • - Great experience with building bridges between technical and non-technical people
    • - Intuitive feel for the level of complexity required in order to solve a given problem
  •  • A special interest in 3D graphics, animation and simulations have given me:
    • - Intuitive understanding of 2D/3D programming with vectors, matrices and trigonometry
    • - Special understanding of the integration of graphics and code in the realm of multimedia based interfaces

Professional Experience:

2009 - Creative Programmer, Unity Technologies
  •  • Working as a programmer on the continued improvement of the Unity game engine and authoring tool.
2008 - 2009Game Programmer, Unity Studios
  •  • Working with Unity engine in various areas on multiple undisclosed titles for clients, to be released on PC, Mac, and the web.
2004 - 2008Data Processing Executive (freelance), GfK Denmark
  •  • Responsible for development of data-driven framework for web based questionnaires
  •  • Development of custom web questionnaires for major clients
  •  • Ongoing expansions with modules for interactive presentation of information and improved utilization of the web medium:
    • - Playback of video sequences in questionnaires
    • - Interactive coordinate system for mapping of perceived product market parameters
    • - Dynamic rejection of options with following focus on remaining subjects
2001 - 2002Web Developer (freelance), GP Covers
  •  • Responsible for complete redesign of the website structure and layout
  •  • Implementation of online ordering with shopping basket


2006 - 2009Master's degree in Multimedia, University of Aarhus
  •  • With specialization in Games Programming
  •  • Master Thesis in "Semi-Procedural Animation for Character Locomotion"
2007Game Programming, Danish National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment
  •  • Lead Game Programmer on the one-month student game production Flipside
  •  • Flipside won an Independent Games Festival 2008 Student Showcase Award
2003 - 2006Bachelor's degree in Information Studies and Multimedia, University of Aarhus
  •  • With primary focus on system development
2002 - 2003Selected courses in Computer Science, University of Aarhus
  •  • Five passed courses from discontinued B.A., including Algorithms and Data Structures
1999 - 2002Higher Commercial Examination, Aarhus Business College
  •  • Grade point average: 10.4 (Danish 13-scale)

Interesting Projects:

2008 - 2009Development of Semi-Procedural Animation for Character Locomotion (study)
  •  • Automatic animation blending and dynamic foot placement on uneven terrain
  •  • Did a talk about the technologies in the system at Game Developers Conference 2009
2007Lead programmer in the computer game "Flipside" (study, team of 12)
  •  • Funny platform style game with a twist, set in a lush cardboard world with two sides
  •  • Independent Games Festival 2008 Student Showcase Award (12 winners out of 125)
2007Programmer in the 3D panorama cinema demo "Dragon Panic" (study, team of 3)
  •  • OpenGL demo of flocking behavior, physics, particles, and a dynamically animated serpent
2006Programmer in the computer game "ClashBall Championship" (study, team of 4)
  •  • Comical rough-and-tumble ball game set in the future, with AI team-mates and opponents
2004Lead programmer in the computer game "Maze Raiders" (study, team of 4)
  •  • Two player action in the style of Bomberman and Pac-Man in dynamically generated mazes
2001 - 2002Development of 3D particle system (hobby)
  •  • For simulating water, smoke, fire and sparks in 3D animations
  •  • Linux Magazine France featured a 7 page article about this particle system in August 2005

Activities and interests:


I work creatively with graphics, animation, design and multimedia. I enjoy photography now and then, reading books and spending time with family and friends.

I enjoy daily biking and the occasional walks in parks and forests. In holidays I love travelling, particularly to locations either with city culture or spectacular nature.