Rune Skovbo Johansen
Creative Programmer & Designer

Multimedia & Games

Below you can find pages dedicated to various computer games I've worked on, both in teams and on my own. There is also a page dedicated to websites I've designed and a few other multimedia-related pages.

Locomotion System

Tech to make characters walk and run on any uneven terrain.


A fun platform game with a twist, set in a cardboard world with two sides.

ClashBall Championship

Fun and rough 3D ball game with AI robots, set in the future.

Dragon Panic

Interactive OpenGL demo with a dragon and small panicking boids flock.

Maze Raiders

A fun two-player game. Use all means to get the gold coins!

Red and White (Reversi)

Play against the computer or your friend in this classic board game.


Demo of a 2D platform game I'm working on with AI and random levels.

Web Development

Portfolio of websites I have designed and programmed.