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Aug 10 2002
Game Maker is a free program which can be used to create 2D computer games, and I highly recommend it to people who would like to start creating simple computer games but have little or no programming experience.

You can download Game Maker here:

Note: For people who have a basic grasp of programming and who would like to make 3D games, I would highly recommend using the Unity game development tool instead. It's a very cheap but extremely powerful tool that is used by hobbyists and professionals alike.
Get Unity at

On this page I have made a few example files demonstrating techniques that can be useful when creating games with Game Maker.

Disclaimer: Feel free to use and learn from the examples shown on this page. However, I can't help you personally with your own game projects, I don't want to join any team effort to create a game, and I can't give you any example files others than those that are on this page. And I don't want to continue the work on my abandoned game project even though a new and faster version of Game Maker has been released. If you want help with your Game Maker project, give the Game Maker Community a try.

Particle Effects

Aug 10 2002
View image:
Particle Effects

This file demonstrates two glitter particle effects, a water drop particle effect and a fire and smoke particle effect that can be used to create fiery trails behind objects.


Aug 10 2002
View image:

This Game Maker file shows how to automatically place tiles in a room, to make it easier to create level designs quickly. To get an idea what it's all about, first look in the level editor, and observe the only three different kinds of objects there. Then run the game and see the tiles that have been automatically placed.

Rune's Game Engine

Jan 29 2003
View image:

I have made a physics engine for Game Maker called 'Rune's Game Engine'. I made it in the summer 2002 as part of a game I was working on - my first and last game maker game. I abandoned the project because Game Maker could not handle with a proper frame rate a game of the sort I envisioned, and also because I found Game Maker too clumsy to work with for a game of this complexity.

However, even though I abandoned the game, 'Rune's Game Engine' still contain a lot of cool effects and tricks that might be useful for other Game Maker users. The best thing is that Rune's Game Engine is free; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License, so it can be used in other game projects as long as they are also released under the GPL. The code is rather complex though, and not commented (due to lack of time), so as for understanding it, you're on your own...

Feature highlights of the Rune's Game Engine include:
  • Running with inertia so you run faster after a while.
  • Jump height dependent on how long you hold the jump button.
  • Curved floors and walls.
  • Parallax background.
  • When jumping on curved walls, you jump perpendicular to the surface.
  • Complex tiles placement algorithms to automatically place tiles to create rich graphics.
  • Moving platforms, horisontally as well as vertically.
  • Intelligent screen movement, which looks ahead, instead of simply placing the character in the center of the screen.
  • The ability to run up walls when enough speed has been gained.
  • Fireballs that glide over the terrain.
  • Earthquake-like effect where the screen shakes in a very cool way.
Note: As of February 3 2007 the game is finally updated for Game Maker 6.1. The zip file contains both a gm6 file for Game Maker 6.x and a gmd file for Game Maker 5.0. Thanks to Shamus for helping me convert some of the code to Game Maker 6.

Jesse Venbrux's 'Ollie Ostrich'

Oct 18 2004
View image:
Jesse Venbrux

Jesse Venbrux has used 'Rune's Game Engine' to create a complete game called 'Ollie Ostrich'. It's a nice game with cool graphics and it's fun to play. Visit Jesse's website at You can download the game 'Ollie Ostrich' here for free:

Download ( 3.16 MB )

'Ollie Ostrich' is based on 'Rune's Game Engine' which is released under the GNU General Public License. This means that 'Ollie Ostrich' is also under the GPL, so you can download the source code to see how the game is made. You can redistribute the code and/or modify it under the terms of the GPL. The graphics however are copyright to Jesse Venbrux, so by his wish, the graphics that are bundled with the source code are in reduced black and white quality to avoid that they get used in other projects.

Download ( 3.06 MB )

The GMD requires the registered version of Game Maker to run, but with a few non-critical modifications it can run in the unregistered version.

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Comments about 'Game Maker Page'

Oct 30 2007 from bob
what prgram do you opening it.

Aug 30 2007 from Midi the Squirrel [website]
"Feb 3 2007 from Rune [website]
A GM6 version of the platform engine? Yes, there is available now! See above. :)"
Thank you!

Jul 19 2007 from spam 101
how do you jump

Jun 3 2007 from Nuril [website]
Good page, and the program is very good for gamer mania in country Indonesia!!Thank you!!!

May 29 2007 from Some guy who needs help.
Hello, I need help. I want to learn how to create a platformer game but I have to download the tutorial when I do that. I'm not allowed to, can I get a typed out explanation how to? Or give a link? Just need to know.

May 13 2007 from Unknown
I would also like to know how to jump, events/actions. plz e-mail me back.

May 11 2007 from chris
hello,I was wondering if you know the actions/events or what ever they are called to make a character jump please e-mail me back

Apr 25 2007 from Martin
Thanks so much for updating "Rune's Game Engine"! I'm sure that update will result in huge success. :)

Apr 14 2007 from RaY [website]
I need help how do you put a game play limit on your game maker games?

Apr 3 2007 from Kenny Vang [website]
Hey this is kenny and I have a question!! How do you make energy follow the screen?
I meen like when you walk around like mario the life and scores follow the screen! when I try to do it the life and scores deosnt follow my characters! the stay right where I put them!

Feb 3 2007 from Rune [website]
A GM6 version of the platform engine? Yes, there is available now! See above. :)

Jan 24 2007 from Midi the Squirrel [website]
Is there a GM6 version of the platform engine? Not trying to sound rude.

Nov 25 2006 from Matt
i have gamemaker version 6 and im trying to figure out how to make an objec t jump a certain hight you know just any regular jump like on super mario and stuff. i want a limit on how hi the object can jump and thd distance

Nov 23 2006 from not telling [website]
well i want a game creator that i dont have to download.... although i would use this if i could download it.

Sep 21 2006 from Daniel van der walt

Sep 18 2006 from mike
i can make something follow you but if i collide with that object it comes up with unknown position x what do i do?

Sep 2 2006 from MiniMeProductions
Indrajeet, you can make a beyblade game with gamemaker. You would need to know a bit about game maker to create the physics for it though. All you really have to do is create an object in the center of the arena and give it a bit of gravity.

Aug 14 2006 from uncow
yea but beyblade blows

Aug 9 2006 from Indrajeet
can you make game on beyblade in gamemker? If, yes then please tell me.

Jul 30 2006 from dude
its good........... butTOO OLD!!!

Jul 29 2006 from Secret
where can i find help about this program ?

Apr 10 2006 from Gnarbill
game maker page it's a pretty good
website, but i'ts newer uppgrade!! =(

Apr 10 2006 from Gnarbill
your demos and games was great!
Can evryvone create games with
your Rune's Game Engine?

Feb 15 2006 from buddyj [website]
I couldnt agree with you more. Gamemaker is great for begginers like me. Except my games really stink. Im still learning how to use code. anywayz I like the 3D graphic animations they are cool!

Jan 20 2006 from Nkie Martin Zuzeko Akindo
Dear Sir / Madam,
Accept my warm greetings. I wish to request for the full version of RUNE game. This is a game I fon very interesting and I really wish having a copy. Could you please possibly help me obtain one? I would be glad to read from you soonest, thanks.
Best Regards,
Nkie Martin.

Jan 9 2006 from Rune [website]
Sure I will be making games in the future. Only, it won't be with Game Maker. Game Maker is fine for learning basic concepts, but far too limited and clumsy if you want to do something more advanced. I have already made some games with Macromedia Director (available on this website). In some respects, Director is not a whole lot more advanced than Game Maker, but I might also look into Delphi and maybe even C++. But never Game Maker again!

Jan 9 2006 from bepopshitter
ooooohhhhh...cmon man continue. ur an absolute genius at making games. im sure ull do WONDERS if u continue Game Maker. who knows???

Jan 6 2006 from Bom McBobson
yea ya freak!!!!!!! update now!!!!! gotta keep up with the times!!!!!!!!!!
Gamemaker 6 is out now!!!!!!!!!!!!
by the way Julian, updating it yourself means adding a '1' at the end of the draw_circle command and changing view_top to view_yview and view_left to view_xview. How incredibly hard. It would be a waste of valuable time and money.
Yeah, great engine. I'm using it for my amazing epic thingy 'The 4400 Smileys are coming'. It rocks my socks.

Oct 17 2005 from Rune [website]
Julian Brown apparently couldn't read the disclaimer on the top of the page stating that: "I don't want to continue the work on my abandoned game project even though a new and faster version of Game Maker has been released." Just to make it clear, I am not using Game Maker anymore at all, so there will be no more updates on my Game Maker page.

Oct 16 2005 from JULIAN BROWN [website]
don,t you know that gamemaker 6 is out if so update ya freak!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s.that is stupid 8+6 ohi god

Jun 14 2005 from Patrick Forsyth [website]
I am going to check out that cool looking smoke-trail. Thanks a lot!
ps. The equation is too hard! ;)

May 18 2005 from Electrocat
Cool page, good program, great games

Jan 12 2005 from Rune [website]
Reply to j3ktruth: The 3d-ish' sprites are made with the free 3d program POV-Ray. Have a look at the rest of this website. There's a big section devoted to 3d graphics made with POV-Ray.

Jan 12 2005 from j3ktruth
nice platform engine rune...i was wondering how you got those sprites 3d ish' looks like the best bet for graphics for this type of engine.