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Jul 14 2001
This is a page about an old but nifty game called JetPack. Each level is one screen big only, and the graphics are tiny, but as many good old games it can easily get you addicted! Jetpack was first released in 1993 as Shareware by Software Creations, later re-released by Impulse, but in 1998 the original author of the game Adam Pedersen released it as freeware.

You can download JetPack for free from

In JetPack you are a daring adventurer who, with your trusty jetpack strapped to your back, enters and explores hundreds of levels full of treasures and dangers. Your quest is to take all of the gems in each level without getting killed and then get in safety to the exit door.

My JetPack Levels

Jul 15 2001
One of the greatest features of JetPack is that it includes an extremely powerful and useful level editor. In a matter of minutes you can design a level that is just as good or even better than the levels that come with the game.

I have played a little with this, and have made for you ten challenging levels that you can download right here. In some of them you have to think very much, and in others you have to be very quick.

Just unzip the levels into your /jetpack/levels folder. Then start the game and press F4 for custum mode and select any of the levels Rune01 to Rune10 to play. What do you think of them? :)

Rune's Sick Angel Module

Jul 15 2001
Included with Jetpack is a small program by the name of JSwitch.exe. It lets you switch between various sets of graphics for Jetpack. Included in the JetPack package are three modules:
  • Module A: Regular Jetpack
    This is the one the game uses by default.
  • Module B: Christmas Jetpack
    You are Santa, and instead of taking gems from the levels, you're placing presents under trees.
  • Module C: Jetpack Junior
    A strange module where you play as a much smaller version of the Jetpack guy from Module A.
I have also made my own module:
  • Module R: Rune's Sick Angel Module
    In this module you play as a mental ill angel. You keep getting banished from heaven because of your sick behavior. Before they let you back in you have to wander around in hell collecting jars with pills that can temporarily cure your symptoms. If you pick up a halo (a golden ring) you get enough angel power to use your wings to fly for a while, which will make your quest easier.
This module really is different. The angel doesn't have a jetpack; he flies with his wings. And he doesn't have a phaser; he - well, you'll see. And all the monsters look different!

To use this module, download it (see below), and unzip the files into your /jetpack folder. Then run JSwitch.exe and choose module R. Now start the game and have fun! :)

How to make your own JetPack module

Jul 15 2001
As you can see above it's possible to make your own graphics module for JetPack. It's not as easy as creating a level, but if you can use a paint program and have a little patience, it's a good start. You need to download and unzip the file below into some folder. It's a 630k zip file containing everything that you'll need to make a module. Then follow the instructions in the file readme.txt.

The future of JetPack

Jul 15 2002
Adam Pedersen is planning on creating a sequel to the JetPack game, though he is not sure when it will be released.

Follow the development at:

This is what he told me about JetPack 2 back in 2002:
"My plans for it will make it an awesome game, but it may be hard getting publishers to accept a 2D game these days. I haven't even thought about it for a while, but a few of the things are: making it have a 3d look, scrolling, parallax, dynamic lighting, swinging vines etc, multiplayer, multi-level missions with varied goals, vehicles, and lots more. I will probably use 3d rendered graphics but I really suck at modeling and I can't afford an artist.

The size of each level in Jetpack 2 will be variable, but the guy will still be very small. I don't want it to turn into the typical console scroller. He will be 2-3 times bigger on screen than the guy in jetpack 1 though. I plan to have a very cool mouse-driven editor. With the current design, each tile is not just a square, but a 3D cube. Sort of the [3d look in Commander Keen] aspect, but different. The thing about all those old Apogee games, was they didn't think physics was important for some reason. Even when Duke 2D had a jetpack, it was either pushing him up or he was falling, 1 speed either way. That sucked. Jetpack would suck if it was like that. I think real physics is one of the coolest aspects of games, and I want JP2 to have trampolines and bouncing balls, and maybe curved floors and walls like Sonic. The curves may be too hard to pull off for what they're worth though.

The plan calls for support of external 'mission packs' that can contain graphics, sounds and other stuff. If I ever finish Nautilus, Jetpack 2 will be based on it, so the packs should be able to contain even custom monsters, AI, and more. I think the mission packs will only apply to themselves though, so a graphics module would not effect the missions in the game."

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Comments about 'JetPack Page'

Mar 3 2008 from josh
for anyone who's still interested in the game, there are developments...

Jul 15 2007 from judy
I loved the site.

Jul 6 2007 from Jesse
I just downloaded a great new Jetpack module called Dracula's Hellish Nitemare. Its really cool, continues on from your own Sick Angel theme with some new monsters, Fatty Balatty is the funniest, he replaces the silver ball. The guys own levels are the tops too, best I've ever seen. I was lucky to find the site though as it doesn't seem to be on any search engines. For anyone wanting to check it out his Jetpack Levels go to:
You won't be disapointed. He also gives your Runes site a big wrap.

Jun 6 2007 from Brian Harbuckle [website]
G'day. You've got a great site. Moreover your Sick Angel module in my opinion is the best one around. I've just opened up my own Jetpack site in order to display the levels I've been creating for some years now. The site is only a few days old and as I am only learning about web creation its not yet the finished product. There's more to come and I've made mention of your great module as well. Keep up the good work and if you're interested I will create a link to your site from mine.

Apr 1 2007 from Connor
I just got jet pack after trying it with a friend but when I open it it random inverts colors turns fuzzy. should I try to find a way to make the screen smaller?

Mar 23 2007 from Dave
I notice people are having trouble starting Jetpack in Windows XP where the DOS box opens and then closes immediately - I've experienced this but I don't have a problem any more. Try this - make sure you have the latest download version of the freeware - the sub-directory the files are in should be Jetpak15 - if not go to the Adept Software site and download and install it. Do not change any of the directory or subdirectory names. Run the game from Windows Explorer by double clicking the Jetpack.EXE in the Jetpak15 subdirectory. Do not try to open it from anywhere else such as a shortcut on the desktop for instance (thats what gave me the problem others are experiencing). It seems it needs to be opened in the subdirectory where the rest of the game files are. The suggestion earlier about not having anything else running when you are trying to run jetpak sounds sensible - dunno if it helps. Hope that helps you - it fixed my problem. GREAT GAME hope you all get it going again.

Feb 18 2007 from Linda
OK, I totally played jetpack when i was a tiny little kid, and I haven't played it since. I really want to play it, but It keeps on giving me errors when I download it. I have windows xp, and I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out. I unzipped the files, but the black screen turns on, and then it just closes... other times it says that the parameter is incorrect. thanks for your help

Dec 23 2006 from Trey Brisbane
Hi there guys,
I noticed some of you are experiencing problems while running JetPack on Windows XP. While I can't replicate any of these issues, I can offer some solutions that may be of help.
1) Game won't run, Command Prompt opens then Immediatly closes.
Ok, this has happened to me so many times its not funny. While there are many causes for it, it appears to occur mostly when the System is low on avaliable memory. Try not to have too many things running while emulating DOS as it will cause the system to use its memory with those programs instead of the emulator. Also try restarting the computer, and/or installing more RAM. I'm running 448mb of RAM and JetPack works fine for me.
2) Some Keyboard keys don't work.
Hmm.. this one is a little harder to answer since I can't replicate the problem. Check to see if the keyboard you're using's layout is US. If it is, and you still have a problem, either try updating the keyboard drivers or borrow a US layout keyboard from a friend to see if it is actually the problem. I can't suggest more then this.
3) Sound is all choppy and/or too fast.
Again, this is difficult to answer without seeing the issue first-hand. Make sure your soundcard is SoundBlaster compatible (This is usually stated in the DOS window just before JetPack starts), and try updating your sound drivers. If that doesn't work, goto Start->Control Panel->Sounds and Audio Devices and in the 'Speaker Settings' group, click on 'Advanced..'. Goto the 'Performance' tab and change the Hardware Acceleration setting until improvment occurs.
4) JetPack runs too fast and using the Speed option in the game doesn't help.
Simply download a program called MoSlo (Google the site) and check its readme to see how it works.

Well I hope the above is useful for someone. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful with the issues but its the best I can do considering my JetPack runs perfectly fine.
'Till next time,

Dec 7 2006 from jacqueline
i love jet pack its so kl but one problem it is hard staring up can eneyone help?

Dec 7 2006 from jacqueline
i love jet pack its so kl but one problem it is hard staring up can eneyone help?

Dec 7 2006 from jacqueline
i love jet pack its so kl but one problem it is hard staring up can eneyone help?

Dec 6 2006 from Uha
I have over 350 quite home-made levels of which many are quite difficult. The problem is that I haven't been able to play jetpack for a long time under WindowsXP. I tried the dosbox, but that doesn't work very well, and some of my levels are impossible to complete when using dosbox because it doesn't allow pressing up, down and AltGr buttons simultaneously. I'm wondering if there's some kind of patch available for Jetpack that would allow Jetpack to be played in XP like in good old days when MS-dos was still with us?

Oct 17 2006 from flash32
Looking at the dates for these comments makes me wonder if there is really going to be a jetpack 2? It has been 4 years since the announcement about jetpack 2. People I am sure are getting tired of waiting on the new release of jetpack 2. At least give us an update of when to expect it either on the Freeware market or the Retail market? That would put a lot more spice in to letting people wait for so long. I for one will wait and keep checking back but I am 60 yrs old so I can't wait forever...LOL
Will Someone make a comment that knows what is going on. Has the Idea of Jetpack 2 been dropped forever?
Please Comment?

Jul 6 2006 from Tuomas
I wonder if all levels from Jetpack 1
will work on Jetpack 2? I have downloaded nearly 3000 levels (!) and don't want them to end up in garbage.
Keep up the good work, Adam!!

Jun 15 2006 from Tuomas T. again.
sure hope that jetpack 2 is freeware.

Jun 9 2006 from Emasik
wait for jetpack2

Jun 9 2006 from Emasik
jetpack rulez

May 30 2006 from Tuomas Turpeinen
Hi! I am a 14 year "old" guy from Finland.
I really like your site! And the best
of all is propably the Module Creator.
I downloaded your levels. They rule!!!
Also, thanks for the info of Jetpack 2!!!

Mar 18 2006 from sillyman444
i love jetpack cant wait till the next one comes out
plus i showed my mum and she wont stop playing it! lol

Mar 11 2006 from Michael Gordon [website]
If you are in XP and you are getting the error message about "AUTOEXEC.NT" or "CONFIG.NT";en-us;324767
Follow that Link!

Feb 25 2006 from Alex [website]
Hey. I have a Jetpack section in my website. Would you mind if I posted your level pack on my site? If not thats okay.

Feb 12 2006 from Aubyii
When i download Jetpack on my computer it doesnt work like the DOS thing pops up than it closes and nothing happens can u email me how to do it plz at
thanks alot

Jan 4 2006 from Matt [website]
adam start making a game now i dont care what it has id pay at least 20 for it I LOVE JETPACK

Jan 1 2006 from Steve
I have been playing Jetpack for a long time and enjoy this delightful adventurer whom I call Billy. Well I also have had problems running it on xp pro but not xp home. My fix was given to me.....DosBox....a program that runs earlier Dos based programs run on the xp.....Enjoy...Steve

Dec 21 2005 from Andy
For some reason jetpack doesn;t work on my PC (windows XP). What can I do to fix that problem?

Nov 14 2005 from Adam [website]
Thanks for your comments, unfortunately development of Jetpack 2 has not started yet as I just don't have time to work for money and also do a project that won't pay until it's done. Assuming I'm ever going to get it done, the jetpack guy is going to be about 2x bigger, but not anywhere near the size of Sonic, Mario, etc. It will have many of those ideas, and I'd like to have internet play where multiple players can be on the same level. Unless something unexpected happens though, don't expect this for several years.

Nov 14 2005 from Rob
im ready to perchase JTP2 now!!

Nov 14 2005 from Anthony
please put all of my ideas that you will read on jetpack 2. First of all DO NOT make the same mistake millions of game creaters do by making a game everyone loves and come out with the next version and runeing it by trying to make it better and different. we already like the game no need for change just additions. DO NOT change the size look or anything, all you need is what ive been waiting for, a scrolling screen. great idea. the ability to duck down like mario bros, for ducking under spikes on moving platforms. brick enemies that walk the speed of robots but walk on walls and ceillings for use of jumping on for a lift or getting smahsed under or against the wall. up, down, left, right, moving red bricks and cement bricks. fake exit doors that you go in and kill you or if you prefer just fade away or both, you never know. bricks you run across and break while you run across, more color switches, and switches that make latters appear this time, up to 2 to 4 split screen action a sheild that allows you to get hit once safely after that if you get hit your dead, trampolines, good idea, springs that not only go up and down but also other springs that go left to right or bouce like a slinky, remember that ability to duck your head, that would be a good time for it, bombs that blow up cement bricks more colored backgrounds like that grey,the christmas brown sunset red, the all black, how about gold brick backgrounds, and dark dark green brick backgrounds, light sky blue, dark blue brick, please no wild colors like pink and orange, that button that rotates the whole level when you touch it making walls become floors and ceillings becoming walls and things. keep the robot, rolling blue balls, springs, rockets spinnig spike, blue thing that cant make up its mind, bat, and the follow you everywhere thing. okay..... get to work.

Nov 14 2005 from Anthony
Love this game!cant get enough of it.ive made levels in ways that redefined the game.For jetpack2 please DO NOT change the size of the man or enemies or the levels.level scrolling is what i was wating for.four way split screen action, vines, up and down moving bricks, trampolines, more color switches and portals, walking brick enemies you could jump on or get smushed, an ability to duck down under spikes on moving platforms, not crawling though, bricks that break when you run across them, springs that bounce not up and down but also sideways like slinkies, maybe a button that can rotate the whole level, push the button on the wall and now the wall is the floor, are you getting all these ideas?, switches that make latters appear, fake exit doors that kill when walked in or that just fade away, the brick enemies walk like the missles fly,so you can hurry up,jump on it and get a lift, dont make them move that fast though,certain keys that unlock certain door portals, slim laser beam that you activate when walked over a button that move like scanners from a gun on the wall, remember the ability to duck down, no crawling, like mario bros, fake jewl that when you touch they turn into an enemy and chase you,please DO NOT change the size of jetpack, just keep things the same and add all of these nice ideas to the game with your own genuise ideas, dont thank me just get to work.

Nov 13 2005 from Stinger
Jetpack works fine on my XP.
Anyway it's good to see people remember this brilliant game!

Oct 19 2005 from katrina
hey ive downloaded jetpack only im having troubles installing it on windows xp, is there a version compatible with win xp??

Oct 3 2005 from Ian [website]
Despite owning blockbuster modern titles such as Half life 2 etc, I LOVE jetpack, Me and a freind have been playing it for ages, so much fun!

Sep 18 2005 from Ryan

Aug 31 2005 from kikumbob
I am delighted to find out that someone is working on a sequal to jetpack. I have been with the game for many years and have made many levels that I have never shared with the world. The thing I find most annoying is the fact that the sound is extremely screwed up on windows XP. If anyone can find solution to that please let me know.

Jun 27 2005 from Lord Death
Any News on Jetpack 2?

Feb 16 2005 from Lillian Gueits
i think jetpack is a really wonderful game i think it is challenging and very exciting to play i got jetpack by my best friend byron(lol) he is the funniest person in the world (lol) he so funny but im looking foward to jetpack 2 to come out igh 1 bye

Jan 23 2005 from marc
jetoack is a fun game for every one