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Locomotion System


Nov 4 2008
For my Master Thesis project I have created a Locomotion System that can make animated human or animal characters walk and run on any uneven terrain including arbitrary steps and slopes. The Locomotion System give animators and game programmers maximum flexibility and control while requiring a minimum of work to use. The Locomotion System is developed for the Unity game engine and is free to use with Unity game projects.

Download the Locomotion System from the Unity Asset Store:
Go to Locomotion System at Unity Asset Store

Read my Master's Thesis about the Locomotion System:
Automated Semi-Procedural Animation for Character Locomotion

There is much more information about the Locomotion System on my blog:
Go to rune|vision blog entries with label locomotion

Video Demos

Nov 4 2008
A video with voice-over demonstrating the capabilities of the now released Locomotion System, including the new features that enables it to be used with 4-legged animals:

An older video demonstrating the Locomotion System at a slower pace. Features related to 4-legged animals are not demonstrated.

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