POV-Ray Resources

Between 1998 and 2008 spent a lot of time creating 3D graphics using the excellent freeware ray-tracer POV-Ray (see the links below). I've preferred to write my scenes in POV-Ray code rather than making them with a graphical-interfaced polygon-based modeler. For the images and animations I made with POV-Ray, check out the Graphics and Animation sections of the website. The pages here are resources for use with POV-Ray.

Related pages

Maze Raiders
Maze Raiders is a fun two-player game. You need to sit two persons by the same computer to play the game. The object of the game is to run around in a maze and collect more gold coins than your opponent, and to shoot him and steal his coins. POV-Ray was used for some of the 3d graphics in the game.

Red and White ( Reversi )
Red and White is my computer game version of the classic board game known as Reversi or Othello. You can play against your friend (sitting by the same computer) or against one of three different computer opponents of increasing difficulty. The graphics were made with POV-Ray.

Most of the graphics in the Computer Graphics Gallery are made with POV-Ray.


The Official POV-Ray Website
POV-Ray is the excellent freeware ray-tracer I use to make 3D images. The program complete with manual, sample files and everything can be downloaded from here. On the website is also a sections with POV-Ray ressources and a section for the POV-Ray community.

The Internet RayTracing Competition
Images and animations of very high quality is what you'll find here. The IRTC is image and animation competitions held with certain intervals. Each competition has a certain theme. Everybody can participate in the IRTC and the winners are voted by the competitors.

Oyonale by Gilles Tran
Some of the most impressive POV-Ray pictures made - realism, surealism, abstract, figurative - and a lot of include files, descriptions of techniques etc. around POV-Ray. Gilles Tran is quite a legend in the POV-Ray community.

The POV-Ray Include Files Page by Chris Colefax
Useful include files for POV-Ray, such as Clock Modifier, Object Exploder, Lens Effects, Compressed Mesh, and many more.

The Persistence of Ignorance by Jaime Vives Piqueres
Very beautiful and realistic images and several POV-Ray tips & tricks as well as a system for setting up realistic lighting.

Christoph's page by Christoph Hormann
Amazing iso-landscapes as well as useful and highly illustrated tutorials, reference tables for POV functions, isosurfaces includes and more.

No Lights by Tim Nikias
Interesting include files and techniques including Liquid-Surface-Simulation-Macros.