POV Goodies

Here's some various resources for use with POV-Ray. These "goodies" are all interesting and useful (somewhat), but just not big enough each to have their own page, so I've put them all together on this page. So what do you think of the POV Goodies? Please let me know!

Fast Sky

Mar 19 2002
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Fast Sky This scene file contains a fast rendering sky with shaded clouds using just four planes.

How to make an IK leg

Mar 29 2001
This scene file decribes how to make an IK leg. Just specify HipPoint and AnklePoint, and the entire leg will follow. The thigh and shin can be any objects - not just cylinders.

Brushed Metal Texture

Oct 9 2000
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Brushed Metal Texture A fast brushed metal texture. This brushed metal texture renders relatively fast and anti-aliasing isn't required to get good results. The scene file used as example is kindly provided by Mark James Lewin.

Pattern Control Trick

Jul 23 2000
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Pattern Control Trick Expanding the posibillities of patterns. Change the color_map of a pigment along a pattern, or modify the code for use in normals or whole textures. I'm not very good at explaining this, so better take a look at the picture.

Fur Texture

Apr 25 2000
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Fur Texture This fur texture can of course never replace fur made of real objects, but it may work well enough for very fine fur, and fur seen at a distance.