About Me

Hi, I'm Rune. I'm an independent game developer and a procedural generation enthusiast. I come from Denmark, but these days I live in Turku in Finland.

On my website runevision you can find games I've developed and other works of mine, and browse a life's worth of creative digital interests, from graphics, animation and sound to programming and interaction.

I also try to contribute a bit where I can with tools and tips. I've developed some frameworks for Unity and POV-Ray, written various articles and tutorials, and some of my works have source code available.

While browsing this website, take note of the dates and you'll clearly see my progression and shifting interests over time. Enjoy!

- Rune Skovbo Johansen

P.S. It's kind of a secret, but there's a lot of old pages that I've hidden from the normal site navigation. But you can still find them all via the Site Map!

Interests and carreer over time

I've been fascinated with graphics, design, programming, and multimedia practically all my life and now I work in the games industry.

As a kid I spent my time drawing and building inventions in LEGO. At around age 10 when we got a computer, I took up 2D graphics and animation. I also composed MIDI music and even made my own stereograms. I got into making 3D graphics around age 15 when I stumbled upon the raytracer POV-Ray.

3D scripting in POV-Ray was my introduction to the world of programming and simulations. I began making simple games with authoring tools like Game Maker and Macromedia Director, and later with programming languages like Delphi Pascal and eventually C#.

While studying I did various freelance web design and programming work. After I finished my education in software development and game programming I started working at Unity Technologies in 2009 making game development tools. Meanwhile I also continued developing my own games on the side.

In 2020 I quit my job at Unity to do game development full time. I released my first commercial game, Eye of the Temple, in 2021.