Feel free to send me a mail. Please check the FAQ first. :)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some questions I get asked quite often. Before asking me a questions, please check this FAQ. :)
  • What is Unity?
    Unity is an awesome development tool for making games (and other multimedia). There's so much good to say about it, but check it out yourself at

  • I have a problem with Unity. Can you help me?
    I'm afraid I don't have the resources to do personal Unity support. There are hundreds of thousands of people using Unity. If everyone sent support emails directly to the Unity developers, then - well, you do the math! Instead, use the Unity forums, or UnityAnswers. Then more people will see your question and if a solution is posted it will also benefit more people. That is just much more scalable.

  • But my problem with Unity is about the Locomotion System / Headlook Controller / something else you made!
    Use the Unity forums or UnityAnswers still. Then, if you haven't gotten any useful replies within a few days, send me a link to the forum thread or UnityAnswers question you posted, and I'll have a look.

  • What is POV-Ray?
    POV-Ray is the freeware raytracer that I use to create all my 3d images and animations. You can find more information, and also download the program from here:

  • I have a problem with POV-Ray. Can you help me?
    You'd be better off asking in one of the POV-Ray newgroups, where a whole community of users will be ready to help you. See: Even if it's a problem related to one of my POV-Ray include files or other ressources on my site, you'd be better off asking there. You see, it's so long since I made those things that I don't remember how they work anymore.

  • I have made some images/animations with POV-Ray. Can I send them to you?
    If you want comments and constructive critique, you'd be better off sending them to the relevant POV-Ray newsgroups (see, where there's a whole community of users who will see them, instead of just me. However, if one of my include files or other ressources on my site were used for the images/animations, then you're more than welcome to send them to me, because naturally I have a special interest in that. Alternatively you can also send them to the POV-Ray newsgroups and drop me a mail notifying me that you did so.

  • How do I make a stereogram?
    There are tutorials on my website for creating the depthmap and the tiled image. To combine them into a stereogram you need a special program for that. Check the links on my stereogram page.

  • Hey, can you make for me this cool image/animation/game/stuff that I'm thinking of - for free?
    Err, no.

  • How about for money?
    I have a fulltime job and I'm afraid I don't have the time for contract work at the moment.


You can contact me by email at

Please make it clear what you are writing about. There are a lot of images, animations, games and other things at this website, so if you don't tell me what specifically you are writing about, I won't have any way of knowing.