Some midi music and tracks I've made. I'm not good at describing music so the describtions are really short. You'll just have to download it and listen. ;-)

The files are either zipped midi files or zipped impulse tracker files. Both can be played with the WinAmp player which can be downloaded for free at


Dec 21 1999
My first track (i.e. not midi). One of the best pieces of music I've composed so far, I think. It has got more beat than my previous.


Jan 20 1999
Also one of my better ones. Probably the last thing I've made in midi.

The Actor

Jul 7 1998
A little piece of music that sounds almost classical to me.

Night of Despair

Apr 23 1998
Another piece of music.

Fighting Parties

Dec 10 1997
This piece of music alternates between a light and a dark theme. At the end they are both there at the same time.

Musical Box

Aug 10 1997
A musical box accompanied with more and more instruments. I like this one.

Sound of Cemetery

Jun 12 1997
A dark, cold, windy midnight, cemetery, gravestones, ghosts, that is what this music reminds me of.