Dragon Panic

Dragon Panic is an OpenGL demo featuring a flock of small helpless people and a huge serpent-like dragon emerging out of a lava lake, which can spew fire breath and fireballs at the people. Be in control! Scorch those critters and make them run in panic!
Warning: The demo depicts violence in the form of small stick-like men burning and dying. They don't scream though, as there is regrettably no sound.

Note: The demo is not a game. There is no way to "win". It's just about having fun playing around and watching some cool effects. That being said, you can use your imagination and set up your own goals, like killing all the boids as fast as possible, or get all the boids to a specific location without killing any of them.

Get the game here for Windows:
Download dragonpanic.zip ( 4.40 MB )

Precompiled versions for Linux and Mac will be coming soon! For Linux, you can build the demo from the source code yourself right now - see below.

The demo features a flock of people controlled by a boids algorithm, a fiery and smoky particle system, a dragon neck that dynamically follows your every move, and a landscape with mountains, steep slopes and deadly lava. For lots of technical details, read the paper (see below)

ProgrammerChristian P. V. Christoffersen
ProgrammerRune Skovbo Johansen (that's me)
ProgrammerCarsten NÝrby
3D ArtistChristian Agergaard

Dragon Panic OpenGL demo was created for a course on computer graphics at the University of Aarhus.

C++ source code

Mar 31 2007
The source code for Dragon Panic is available here for free. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License, so it can be used in other projects as long as they are also released under the GPL.

The demo is written in C++ an it requires the OpenGL and GLUT libraries to be installed in order to be build. For more information, see the OpenGL website.

At the 3D panorama

Mar 31 2007

Part of the exercise was to create the demo such that it could run in a 3D panorama facility affiliated with my university. The demo is structured such that it can be built with GLUT in order to run on ordinary desktop machines, or it can be built with VRJuggler, to make it run in the 3D panorama.

The 3D Panorama is a facility at CAVI, The Centre for Advanced Visualization and Interaction, a part of the University of Aarhus with activities within the fields of architecture, design, scientific visualization, art and culture. VRJuggler is a framework designed to run OpenGL virtual reality applications on complex multi-screen systems running on clusters or on high-end workstations and supercomputers. The 3D panorama we worked with is powered by such a cluster connected to three projectors, tracking devices for the wand input controller and synchronization signals sent to all the 3D glasses worn by the audience.

I tell you, seeing this demo in full 3D on a giant screen does not make it any less impressive! Or fun for that matter... :D

Read the paper

Mar 31 2007
The Dragon Panic demo was created for a course on computer graphics at the University of Aarhus, and besides demonstrating the demo itself, we also wrote a 10 page paper about it (with illustrations!).

Read the paper: dragonpanic.pdf