Web Development

I have designed a few websites over the years. They are listed here. The primary technologies I have used are HTML, CSS, PHP, and ASP with MS Access.

Note: I do not do web development for hire anymore.

rune|vision 2008

Feb 6 2008

My website needed a new and more professional design as I needed to transform it from a pure hobbyist site to an online portfolio. I decided on a bright smooth lime and orange design with rounded boxes with depth and soft drop shadows. My name and portrait in the header serves to make a strong connection between the website and the person behind it. All sub-pages appear as big bright orange edged rectangles that light up when hovered. Clean and iconographic images are used to guide the user at a single glance without having to seach around.


Jun 30 2007

FLIPSIDE is a student game production I participated in as Lead Game Programmer. I also designed the website for the game. The website reflects the unique aesthetics of the game in two ways:
  • The website simulates a world made out of cardboard pieces and the main content appears on a big piece of cardboard. The world of FLIPSIDE can be seen in the background, to properly communicate the mood of the game at a glance.
  • The website flips 180 degrees every time a new page is loaded, revealing its lush and happy nature on one side and its gloomy and dark nature on the opposite side.
These features of the website brings the user well into the atmosphere of FLIPSIDE even before trying the game.

GfK Web Questionnaire System

Jun 30 2006
(Website is not publicly available)

I have been working freelance for the company GfK Denmark, developing a data-driven framework for web based questionnaires. The basic functionality covers single and multiple choice questions, grids of several questions, dynamic selection of applicable questions and answers based on previous answers, shuffling or rotation of answers, localization including support for eastern languages, and much more.
Furthermore I have implemented ongoing expansions with modules for interactive presentation of information and improved utilization of the web medium, including:
  • Option to zoom in on images shown in the questionnaires.
  • Playback of video sequences in questionnaires.
  • Interactive coordinate system for mapping of perceived product market parameters.
The Web Questionnaire System have been used actively by GfK Denmark since 2004.


Jul 17 2003
juliebirch.dk (Danish website)

I have a friend who is very creative. She paints and make all kinds of interesting things such as jewelry, sets of rune stones, books of shadow, wooden decorated boxes and spoons, a few clothing items and more. For a while we discussed the advantages of having a website where she could showcase and sell her things, and eventually we made one. Back then she didn't have any web design experience at all. Now she's gotten enough HTML handcoding skills to continuously maintain and expand the website on her own. The site has a guestbook where people can leave comments. Besides praising the products, several people also mentions that they like how the site is both good-looking and easy to use at the same time. Moreover, she has become quite busy making all the things that people order though the site.

GP Covers

Oct 7 2002

A friend and I had gotten the job to create a new and improved website for the company GP Covers. In general we made everything together, but he had more knowledge about the company and its products since he worked there, while I had a bit more knowledge on scripting and graphics. Among other things we designed a user-friendly shopping cart system from scratch (though we didn't implement online payment). Our clients were happy with the result, and the site is now maintained by them.


July 12 2002
(Website has been replaced by newer version)

This is my personal website. The site dates back to 1998, but in July 2002 the old design and the name "Rune's World" was abandoned in favor of the current one. As the site and the number of pages expanded, the need to make the site easy to navigate grew more important, and I have taken many measures to make it as user-friendly as possible. And in order to make maintenanse of the site easier, the new site is based on ASP pages and a central database instead of plain vanilla HTML.

The POV-Ray Ring Website

May 24 2001

The POV-Ray Ring is a WebRing of sites all dedicated to POV-Ray. On each site is a ring navigation bar that lets you go to the next or previous site in the ring (and a few other options). The ring also has a central website. After the old RingMaster (the person who manages the ring) abandoned the ring in April 2001, I took it over the management of it and also created a new and improved website for it which was published on May 24 2001.

Rune's World

Jan 6 2001
(Website has been replaced by newer version)

The previous design of my personal website. When I originally created the website in 1998 it was called "The RSJ Website" (after my initials) and the design was based on frames. In December 1999 I redesigned the site without frames, and in January 2001 the site changed name to "Rune's World". (In July 2002 it changed name again to "rune|vision" and got a completely new design, which you can see above.)