In 2001, on my third year of business college, I attended a multimedia class. At one point we were to make a multimedia application of our choice, and as I like 3d graphics very much, I made a game with lots of 3d graphics. I called it MazeQuest.

MazeQuest is in first person view, but all the graphics are pre-rendered. Screenshots from the game are below. In MazeQuest you are an adventurer looking for gold in big maze of underground caves. The concept is extremely simple and the gameplay is not very good, but you can always just look at it as an extended graphics gallery. Remember, it was really just a school project in the first place and we had just a few months to make it.

MazeQuest runs under Windows. It has been known to crash a lot on some computers, while on others it works fine. In cases of crashing I cannot provide any support.

Get the game here for Windows:
Download ( 2.7 MB )

Concept, Art, and ProgrammingRune Skovbo Johansen

MazeQuest was made as a project for a class in multimedia at Aarhus Business College.


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Here are some screenshots from MazeQuest.